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Fun and Healthy Mother’s Day Ideas

Mother’s Day is around the corner, and for those of you wishing to break out of the mold and get your mother something really special, we got you covered.  Sure, you could go the usual route:  do a champagne brunch, a dozen roses or jewelry, but why not give the gift which keeps on giving?...
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7 Tips on How to Improve Work-Life Balance

Work is one of the main causes of stress nowadays. Americans with full-time jobs work an average of 47 hours per week, and 40% of us regularly work 50+ hours per week. That’s the equivalent of about six and a half, standard, 8-hour workdays. We also use only about 14 paid days off per year,...
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Uncovering the Truth Behind “Natural Foods”

Stroll through the grocery store or health foods market, and you’ll find the word “natural” on display about a thousand times. The label is splashed across packages of granola bars, breakfast cereals, salad dressing, and more. It immediately promotes a healthy, organic, and wholesome image to the shopping public. But do natural foods really mean...
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The Importance of Kidney Health

Approximately 26 million Americans have kidney disease, and most don’t even realize they have it!  The reason is because many people aren’t aware they are ill until the symptoms have progressed significantly.  Unfortunately, kidney disease is one of those silent ailments which can wreak havoc on your body unbeknownst to you.   Some symptoms of...
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Celebrating American Heart Month for Heart Health

Each February we celebrate the American Heart Association’s American Heart Month, a time that reminds us to focus on heart health and overall wellness. It’s the perfect time to kick off a new, healthier lifestyle. Did you know that in the early 1960s, more than 50% of U.S. deaths were the result of cardiovascular disease?...
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Clearlight Infrared and Jacuzzi Inc. today announced an exclusive licensing partnership for infrared saunas. Clearlight Infrared will manufacture and market a premium line of infrared saunas under the Jacuzzi ® brand. This will include the Clearlight Sanctuary™ Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna models and the Clearlight Premier™ Far Infrared Sauna models. “We are pleased to be...
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How to Set Up a Healthy Detox Diet Plan

If you spend any amount of time reading articles on the Internet or in magazines, or even listening to the radio, you’ll come across some group touting the unbelievable benefits of their proprietary detox diet plan. “Drink this juice blend for just X days straight and you’ll shed pounds like never before!” “Ready to clean...
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6 Ways Saunas Help Fight Cancer

BeatCancer.org posted this great blog post on their health and wellness blog.  We thank them for allowing us to share it with you: Saunas and sweat baths have been used by various cultures throughout history to flush out toxins and disease and maintain optimal physical and mental health. Saunas, and particularly infrared saunas, can also play...
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